October 20, 2021

Express News Bharat

ज़िद !! सच दिखने की

News Publisher Information

I published my news application on google play console. So I post news in my application and show it daily to the user. I am the owner of my news organization. My news organization details are below.

  • App Name: Express News Bharat
  • App Package: com.express.news.bharat
  • Ownership information: Iftkhar Tyagi (Editor in Chief), [email protected], +91 9454127264
  • Organization name: ENB Network
  • Address: 10, Ajabpur Kalan, Mathrowala Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India – 248001
  • contact details: 0135 3550903, [email protected]
  • Website link: https://expressnewslive.tv/
  • Source: https://expressnewslive.tv/